Why Size Matters: Blunts Versus Joints


When the famous actor, Jack Nicholson, explained why he switched from cigarettes to cigars he said “The only way to break a bad habit was to replace it with a better habit.” This is surprisingly very similar to the attitude of marijuana users who prefer blunts over joints. So, if you’ve wondered what is a blunt and how is it different from a joint, the basic difference is that it’s just more of a good thing!  It just depends on personal taste and what you’re looking for when you want to get high.

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When you smoke a blunt you are smoking what is usually the same size, shape and even covering of a tobacco cigar.  What’s missing of course is the tobacco inside because it’s replaced with marijuana.  The name “blunt’ originated from a brand of cigars made in Philadelphia, but it now refers to any cigar wrapper that is used when you roll one.

Here are five interesting differences between a blunt and a joint that you’ll want to consider if you decide to give them a try:

1. A blunt is bigger, uses a lot more marijuana so it’s a more intense experience.  Go easy, especially if it’s your first time trying one.

2. Blunts give you a stronger flavor, due to the tobacco paper that it’s wrapped in.  It all depends if you enjoy the taste of a cigar’s smooth, often sweet tobacco or maybe you’ll find you prefer an equal blending of both tobacco and marijuana.

3. It costs more to make a blunt, but the good news is it lasts longer.  It’s perfect for parties where you want to share with several people or if you just want to party by yourself, nice and slow, all day long.

4. A blunt is more discreet since it looks just like a cigar which makes it easier to get away with smoking it in public.   Not that I’d recommend doing that where it’s not legal!

5. Looking for something in between? Try a spliff – tobacco with marijuana, but in traditional rolling papers.

I’m not sure if proud user and proponent of marijuana, Jack Nicholson, has a preference of blunts over joints, but seeing how fond he is of cigars, something tells me it’s a safe bet.


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