Why THC is an Effective Pain-Killer


The pain-killing effects of marijuana have been fully studied, tested, and confirmed over the last several years. And a new study at the University of California at San Francisco confirmed exactly how it works.

Basically, THC taps directly into pain receptors at the base of the drain and modulates or dulls these signals. In fact, it is nearly as effective as pain-killer as opiates, but without the severely addictive effect of those drugs.

Just how effective is THC at dulling pain severity? Well, studies have shown that marijuana is an effective pain-killer after a variety of major surgeries, not just as a way to eliminate headaches or other minor pains.

The positive effect of THC is present in whatever form you decide to ingest it. Medical marijuana is commonly available to smoke, but it can also be ingested in pill form or through various edibles.

In fact, edible cannabis is often the most effective way to treat pain because it forces the THC to enter your body more slowly. It takes at least 20 minutes for ingested pot to go into effect.

While this slowness is undoubtedly irritating to people who need instant pain relief, it’s useful for people with chronic and near constant pain. That’s why it might be useful to have multiple forms of legal marijuana: stuff to smoke for instant relief and edibles for long-term relief.


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