Tasty Medicine: Why You Should Make Your Own Edibles


Cannabis of all types has been shown to help a variety of illness – but why not go a step further, and make your medical cannabis a tasty treat?

People across the globe use medical marijuana to treat and alleviate symptoms of many chronic conditions. Marijuana has been used this way for thousands of years.

Usually medical marijuana comes to the rescue where conventional medicine has failed – helping sick people find relief from pain, regain their appetite, and find much-needed relief from chronic conditions. From pain to anxiety, to nausea caused by chemotherapy and other conditions, medicinal marijuana has proven a safe and effective treatment that offers relief to millions of patients every year.

Many patients with serious health conditions find that smoking marijuana has its drawbacks, so if you’re uncomfortable with smoking, you’re not alone. Although smoking is the most efficient method of consumption, you may find that smoke causes respiratory problems, or that your “feel-good” buzz is short-lived and you’re constantly lighting up to maintain your high. Vaping can have similar drawbacks or feel too harsh on the throat and lungs. If this is the case, it may be time to try something new, and explore the world of fine edible marijuana.

Edibles are made from butters or oils derived from the cannabis plant using an extraction process to create a potent form of THC, and there are many recipes available to create a great final product.

Why make your own cannabis edibles?

  • Edibles Are More Potent. The effects of consumed cannabis are different, and often more potent, that the feeling you get from smoking or vaping. While edibles tend to “kick in” slowly, they also outlast a traditional high, giving hours of relief. The high associated with edibles usually gives the user a warm, “feel-good” body buzz.
  • Edibles Deliver A Full-Body High. This can be particularly helpful for those with chronic or severe body pain, or people with musculoskeletal or rheumatoid conditions. This is also particularly beneficial for people who need assistance with sleep disorders or spastic conditions.
  • You Can Control The Content. Making edibles from scratch helps you control potency; you’ll know exactly which strain of marijuana you used, and through cautious experimentation, you can perfect your technique and achieve the potency that’s right for you.
  • Edibles Are Yummy. If you have trouble consuming marijuana-infused tea or breathing in harsh smoke, edibles are a solution that can be particularly pleasant. Almost anything made with oil and butter can be transformed into edible marijuana. Some patients may make a simple oil to dip their bread in, while others make cookies, popcorn balls, and candies from their edible concoctions. It’s all up to you how creative you want to be.

If you’re not sure what type of edible is right for you, our website can help you become more familiar and comfortable with various marijuana strains and understand how to measure and control potency.

Explore your local dispensaries for the best deals on marijuana and edibles.


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