Will Ganja Gyms Exist Alongside Muscle Beach?


California was ground zero for the bodybuilder culture boom that launched names like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger into the spotlight. Places like Gold’s Gym are a nearly religious training ground for weightlifters and athletes who want to mold their minds and bodies into top form, and you’d be hard-pressed to find states that are more concerned with physical fitness.

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Which might make it a surprise when you hear that a pot-friendly gym called Power Plant Fitness is going to open its doors in San Francisco this fall, according to USA Today.

Ganja Gyms Are Far From a New Idea

The idea behind Power Plant Fitness is a fairly simple one. Athletes need to condition their minds and bodies, and they change all aspects of their personal intake to do that. Marijuana is a tool in that arsenal, right alongside whey protein and energy shakes.

While marijuana might be seen as the opposite of a performance enhancer (the famed comedian Robin Williams nearly brought down the house with his routine about Olympians using pot), the truth is rather more complex. Marijuana, when used in small, regulated doses, can actually tune out distractions, help an athlete rely more on muscle memory, and kill pain. The last aspect is particularly important, especially for gym rats who are trying to eliminate discomfort so they can maintain their form.

The owners of the gym have made it clear that it isn’t a place to come, smoke, and screw around. Power Plant Fitness is focused on the fitness side of the equation, but it’s also trying to eliminate the stoner stereotypes people hold, and to show that there’s a side to marijuana people don’t think about.


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