Smoking the Competition: The Women of Weed


The medical and recreational cannabis industry is on fire and women entrepreneurs in weed are blazing a trail of their own. Female business professionals are now coming up with some of the most innovative products and services in this new “green” industry.

For the first time since the alcohol prohibition, political movement is creating an unprecedented opportunity for business ventures and women are taking advantage of it. By thinking outside the box and promoting social responsibility, equality, cooperation, and diversity, the job outlook for ganjapraneurs has never been so bright.

So, let’s take a second to recognize some of the leaders in the field.

Founded by Jazmine Hupp, who was named a “genius entrepreneur” by Fortune Magazine and a top businesswoman in the cannabis industry by Forbes, Women Grow is a networking organization promoting positive business relationships and practices by inspiring, connecting and empowering females in the industry. The group hosts regular meetings and promotes the positive potential of cannabis for personal health and wellness as well as innovation. Their events also present employment opportunities in the field. Another pioneer to watch is Jane West, a co-founder of Women Grow. In addition to inspiring the next generation of industry leaders, she has created several different cannabis brands, such as Jane West Enterprises, a marijuana lifestyle accessory line, and Edible Events Co.,featuring event planning with catered edibles. Each of her endeavors promote social responsibility and normalization of marijuana and its users.

Featured on MSNBC’s TV series Pot Barons and Inc.com , Jaime Perino of Colorado’s Euflora Cannabis Dispensary has revolutionized the way in which people purchase medical marijuana by creating what people are calling “the Apple store of weed”. There customers are able to read valuable information on the strain of bud and its particular effects from tablets placed next to glass jars of each type. She has opened several dispensaries following the same concept and has been wildly successful in helping to break down the stereotype of what the retail experience is for users.

Genifer Murray founded StrainData, a website where consumers can learn about the effects and potency of various strains of bud and where they can purchase them. She is also the owner ofCannLabs ,the leading cannabis testing facility in the country. With the industry essentially being underground and with social stigmas surrounding marijuana for decades now, this valuable research did not exist until now.

For the very first time in recent history, female entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to be industry leaders on the cusp of a social revolution. But what exactly makes women business powerhouses in this field? According to Forbes magazine, women make up to 70-80% of all consumer decisions as well as the majority of healthcare decisions for the household. Women also tend to focus on the holistic principles of the herb and care about the conscious production and consumption of the plant. Females also tend to be very nurturing, making them excellent growers. So with the industry about to boom and with few regulations in place yet, female leadership will most definitely be key in directing sales and breaking down stereotypes of medical and recreational marijuana use.

Whatever the niche may be: baking, growing, production, education, retail, health…there are endless opportunities and countless individuals paving the way for female professionals and we simply could not recognize them all.


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